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Jim Smith

Founder, and CEO

Jim Smith Owner and Auctioneer of V.I.P. Auctions
Jim Smith Owner and Auctioneer of V.I.P. Auctions | Radio Personality on The Jim and Jeff Show | Co-Owner of CarBuyPlus

Jim Smith is the founder and owner/operator of Auctions Unlimited, Inc., a full-service auction

remarketing company. Jim has 30 years’ experience in the automotive industry. In 1998 he opened Auctions Unlimited, Inc., a Georgia corporation. Jim also started V.I.P. Auctions, now in its thirteenth successful year. V.I.P Auctions was Jim’s vision to service new car dealerships with quality vehicle inventory.

He is a Father, Husband, World-Champion Auctioneer, and Co-Radio Show Host on HLE radio titled The Jim and Jeff Show where he and Jeff Stansberry use their leading industry knowledge to aid and inform automotive consumers when making decisions toward buying/selling a vehicle at the present market value. Jim services automotive dealers every week with a wholesale auction which brings dealers both locally (Ga.) and out of state.

Over the years Jim has cultivated relationships and skills as an auctioneer and business owner to build a working portfolio with the best in the business. His portfolio includes but not limited to Manheim, Adesa, Ford Motor Company, General Motors, Nissan/Infiniti, BMW, and CarMax Auctions. In total Jim has auctioned Billions of dollars worth of assets through the auction industry.

Jim’s many accomplishments include:

  • Reserve World Champion Auctioneer.
  • Gideon’s International
  • County and local community leadership
  • Served on appointed county government boards
  • Retired Fire Chief
  • Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Professional
  • Georgia Sheriff’s Association chaplain

Current President of U.S branch of Svieta, the worldwide humanitarian nonprofit organization

serving orphanages throughout eastern Europe.

Jim’s hobbies include tennis, golf, ice hockey, boating and spending time with his family. Jim and his

wife, Helen have two children, Sarah Ann, and Zachary and they all currently live in Longboat Key, Florida.

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