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Buying Cars and Taking Names …. ummm … Taking Calls!

What do you get when you put an auctioneer and former hockey player who grew up in Minnesota together with an auctioneer and farm kid who grew up in the hills of Tennessee?

Yeah, we get that answer a lot but you can’t say it on the radio!

Jim Smith and Jeff Stansberry have been friends and business associates for 16 years in the automotive auction circles working for some of the largest wholesale auction firms in the world with a combined 50 plus years in the auction business.

They bring their wit, chemistry and entertainment to you “ON THE AIR & ON THE RADIO” with the Jim and Jeff Show as they take your calls and make offers on your automobiles plus the show comes to life with their wacky cast of characters, bits, interesting guests from recording artists with live music to entertainers, newsmakers and much more. Pretty much anybody who is willing to talk to Jim and Jeff! LOL (That means “laugh out loud”)

A dose of Pawn Stars, American Pickers, Auction Kings and Car Talk in one Radio Show.

Tune in on Saturday Mornings or Click This Link to Listen and Subscribe to the Podcast.

Remember The Jim and Jeff Show on Saturdays – Buying Cars and Taking Names …. um … Taking Calls! Yeah that’s it! “Buying Cars and Taking Calls at 10:00 Eastern / 9:00 Central

For more information on The Jim & Jeff Show visit JimandJeff.com. Don’t have The Jim & Jeff Show on your local station? Call your favorite local station and tell’em you want to hear Jim & Jeff’s unique brand of entertainment in your local area.

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